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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of humidity measurement equipment. Most changes in humidity and moisture content of the drug is very sensitive, so the quality and performance of the final product to ensure that, taking into account temperature and humidity monitoring.

1、Stability Test
Quick test medicines, to get product stability, packaging and shelf life information, not only to control the humidity meter (transmitter) also monitor (transmitters or data loggers) these conditions. Environmental chamber is used to generate accelerated conditions.
2、Sphere of production

Production areas attach great importance to environmental changes. Since there is no software generation continuous data, separate data logger especially chart recorder unnecessary. Temperature and humidity can provide real-time data recording device for ease of use and lower cost.
3、Monitoring of raw materials and finished products, powders or tablets in relative humidity can guarantee product quality.

4、Humidity is the deciding factor in the clean room environment

5、Transportation, vehicles and cargo storage facilities
Usually a pharmaceutical organization requires its freight forwarders to monitor storage facilities, and notify any adverse situation.


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